Jess draws grinning and holding a puffball mushroom.

The artist with a puffball mushroom she found and later ate.

Jess Draws / bumblechub

bumblechub is a fat queer artist based in Madison, WI. she works mostly digitally using free apps and software, and has been dabbling in zine-making and collage lately. she likes making art about bugs, niche hyperlocal topics, pets of friends and family, love, and justice. 

I use the MediBang Paint app on my phone with a simple stylus to draw, PhotoPea (a free web based Photoshop clone) to make collages, and Canva for word art.

I'm happiest when I get to witness other people making art - whether it's weird, ugly, bizarre, cute, shocking, deeply meaningful or absolutely meaningless, traditional or abstract. I'm a strong believer in most things being "art" if you look at them from the right angle.

the word bumblechub is a portmanteau of bumble (as in bumblebee) and chub (as in chubby).  what could be cuter than a fat little bee?